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A year is about to end.....another to begin.  With this last highfives post for the year, I say a sincere thank you once again to you for taking the time to read my words.  For almost 7 years now you, and the great people at Golf Inc. Magazine have provided this space for me to write.  Because it is an wonderful opportunity, I say thank you!  I also thank all of my industry friends and people just coming into this amazing game and industry for all they do.  Soon I will celebrate 45 years in this industry.  It has brought me more joy, opportunity, experiences, great relationships, and FUN then I ever could have imagined as a 19 year old student starting out.  As I send this thank you out to you, I also urge you to pass it forward.  There are many people in your golf community.  Whether they are paying you or you are paying them, they all deserve a personal thanks.  Here are 5 thoughts on giving thanks as we closeout 2017:

 - Promise yourself you will get closer to your team in the new year.  Showing people that you care as much about them as you do their performance will set new standards for great attitudes next year

 - Although all members are important to you and your business, show extraordinary attention & care to your top 20%.  These people drive your business.  Show your appreciation every time you see them

 - Create times throughout the year where you share a meal with your team.  Maybe you need to do this by department, but the benefits of getting to know the people beyond their employee number will mean a lot to them, to you, and to your business

 - Thank your vendors, and spend more time here.  Suppliers can be great assets in the world of tight margins.  Remember: vendors are people too

 - You are in the golf industry: long hours are in the job description.  It might be time to thank your family for sharing you (too much) with your golfers.  Can never thank the home team enough.

 So enjoy the holiday season wherever you are.  Going to the golf course on most days is a wonderful thing.  Bringing grand service to members and guests, is another joy that keeps on giving.  As you work to fill the tee sheet, create another outing, add to the member roster, work extra hard to retain members who may want to stray, also take time to give thanks to your younger self.  The day you decided to make golf your life's passion, was a pretty good day.  Here is to you, and the many good days to come in 2018!  Thank you very, very much!



Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf industry expert, Toastmaster, speaker, and mentor.  Jack can be reached at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.

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