Study: European club managers average €70,000 annual salary

The first-ever job survey conducted by the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) has revealed that club managers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa are generally well-compensated, younger than expected, well-educated and predominantly male.

The recently released survey polled 173 CMAE members in 18 countries, and CMAE Chief Executive Officer Jerry Kilby said the organization hopes to make the survey an annual comprehensive report that will identify trends in the club management field and point out potential areas for improvement.

The survey showed that the average club manager earns approximately €70,000 per year, with 22 percent of respondents earning over €100,000 annually.

Most managers tend to be younger than might be perceived,with 69 percent between 31 and 50 years of age, 35 percent aged 31-40, and 19percent 51 or older.

Sixty percent of those surveyed were university level or higher educated, while 32 percent held a professional degree qualification in a golf or sports area. Another 19 percent held a similar qualification in the hotel or hospitality field.

Over 90 percent of the survey respondents were male, with the notable exception being Sweden, where 45 percent of club managers were female.

The survey also revealed that clubs in the Europe, MiddleEast and Africa regions are not standing pat in terms of golf development. Forty-eight percent of club managers asked about future plans said their facilities are presently considering expansion or enlargement of their existing golf facilities.

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