Rounds down, but not dramatically

Despite a deepening economic slump, rounds at U.S. golf courses showed only a slight dip in October.

According to the National Golf Rounds Played Report, rounds were down just 0.5 percent compared to October 2007.  For the year, rounds are 1.3 percent below the number for the first 10 months of the previous year. 

The largest declines were reported in the West North Central region, which fell 4.5 percent. South Atlantic states were down 2.7 percent and Mid-Atlantic states dropped 2.0 percent.

The South Central region was up 1.9 percent and the Pacific states rose 0.8 percent.

Here are the rounds totals for selected metropolitan regions.

                                                October          YTD

Washington-Baltimore            +3.4%             -3.6%

Orlando                                   +9.5%             +3.2%            

Atlanta                                     -6.8%              -1.5%

Myrtle Beach                           -6.9%              -6.5%

New York City                       -4.9%              -0.1%

Boston                                     -0.6%             +0.5%

Chicago                                   -5.8%             -3.2%

Detroit                                     -4.1%             -3.0%

St. Louis                                  +7.4%            -8.6%

Dallas/Ft. Worth                      +5.5%            +8.7%

Los Angeles                             +2.9%            +0.4%

San Diego                               +21.4%          +4.9%

Phoenix                                   -4.1%             +0.6%

Las Vegas                               -9.0%             -8.8%

Seattle     +23.1%      +3.1%  


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