Doral for sale, Great White course could be plowed under

The “Great White” course at Doral Resort in Miami could be plowed under and turned into residential space, according to court filings.

MSR Golf Resort, which is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, hopes to sell the resort and the other four courses.

The “Doral is at a strategic crossroads,’’ lawyers for MSR Golf Resort wrote in New York bankruptcy court filings this week. To “remain competitive in the long-term, the Doral should reposition itself as an elite resort. This repositioning will require a capital infusion in exchange for improved profitability in the future...’’

MSR owns five resorts, and the Doral generates the least amount of profit.

“The White Course encompasses 131 acres on highly valuable land adjacent to dense residential developments and a proposed mixed-use city center,” the filing states. “As a result, the Debtors believe that the White Course would be more valuable as an expansive commercial and residential development.’’

A bankruptcy judge would need to approve any sale of assets while MSR is under Chapter 11 protection. MSR also discussed breaking a long-running management agreement with Marriott, which runs the Doral.

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