National survey on golfer's use of technology launched

Golf Convergence, a operations and technology consultantcy, is undertaking a national golf course technology study designed to assist facilities better manage their information systems. Some of the results will be published in a future issue of Golf Inc. magazine.

The survey hopes to shed light on the rapid deployment of new technology such as email marketing, online reservations through third parties, and social media integration. J. J. Keegan, Managing Principal of Golf Convergence, said there is a sense that golf courses are becoming overwhelmed with the pace of new technology introductions. 

“We believe this study has great potential benefit to all golf course operations,” he said. “Our clients are constantly wrestling with the integration of the tee sheet with the POS system, developing a meaningful online presence, optimizing SEO key words, developing effective marketing campaigns, and debating whether Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google Adwords are relevant to their business or actually distractions.”

Keegan said that forecasts for 2011 reflect an increased enthusiasm for the game of golf, requiring even more emphasis on the allocation of scarce resources. He hopes the survey results will guide today’s golf course operators as they implement best practices. 

All golf course industry personnel and their customers are encouraged to participate in the survey by clicking: Each respondent will receive a complimentary copy of the results of the study upon its conclusion on March 8, 2011.

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