China Golf Group building three courses in China

China Golf Group has added yet another item to its to-do list.

The Shanghai-based company has announced an agreement to build a 36-hole golf complex at Puhe Hot Spring Resort in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the largest city (population: 7.2 million) in northeastern China. CGG expects to finalize a development deal with the Yuhong District Administration this summer and to break ground on the project in late 2011.
This news comes on the heels of two other golf projects announced by CGG earlier this year.
In January, the company secured the rights to build Dingan Hengyuan Sports & Resort Center on Hainan Island. The 1,112-acre resort, located just a short drive from the city of Haikou, will include houses, retail and commercial areas, sports and leisure facilities, and a 36-hole, “international-standard” golf complex.
In March, CGG signed a letter of intent to establish a golf college and training center in Haikou in collaboration with Shenzhen University. Along with the usual practice facilities, the training center will include an 18-hole golf course capable of hosting professional tournaments.
From the time of its inception, in 2006, CGG has aimed to create what it’s called “the first, the best, and the largest golf chain in China,” a goal it appears to be well on its way to achieving. Its strategy, its says, is to build “low- to middle-range golf courses in different locations” and “allow members play [on] different courses with a little extra expense.”
CGG, which is publicly traded through a Delaware-based firm, says it’s completed 10 golf courses in six provinces, though I can only find evidence of four: two 18-hole courses in Shenyang (Shenyang Meteorite Mountain Golf Course and Shenyang Jiangnan Metropolitan Golf Course) and two in metropolitan Beijing (Beijing Yanqing Golf Course and Beijing Miyun Qianqi Golf Course).
On CGG’s plate, however, is enough work to keep the company busy for years. The list begins with 18-hole tracks at Mao Zedong Sports Park in Shaoshan, Hunan Province; Beijing Daxing Golf Club in suburban Beijing; and Huashan Holiday Inn Golf Course in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province.
The company also reports that in 2010 it began building Dachengzi Golf Course, an 18-hole layout in Miyun County, 40 miles northeast of Beijing, and has a course in planning at the Danzhou Beach Resort on Hainan Island. I’ve also seen references to planned courses in Foshan (Guangdong Province) and Huzhou (Zehjiang Province), but haven’t been able to learn anything about them.
And then there’s the complex at Puhe Hot Spring, a 495-acre resort community that will include housing and a hotel. CGG plans to build a 27-hole private course and a nine-hole public course on 330 acres, with the opening tentatively scheduled for 2014.
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