Scotscraig celebrates 200 years with new membership categories

Scotscraig Golf Club, the world’s 13th oldest golf club, has revamped its membership categories to encourage younger players and greater family participation in what the club is calling one of its most significant changes ever.  

General Manager Derek McKenzie said the membership changes include more offerings that better align with what customers want.

“We are not alone in wanting to attract younger members,” McKenzie said. “Our new three categories from 18 to 32 years old give better stepping stones to full membership and allow us to hold onto members for longer and they create a bond with Scotscraig GC.”

The Scotland heritage club has also been celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, having been founded in 1817 by members of the St Andrews Society of Golfers, later the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. The anniversary has included a packed season of events, and the club has also undertaken a comprehensive renovation project that reinstated many original features of the famous links and heathlands course. The revisions to the constitution complement these course improvements.

Among its memberships changes, Scotscraig added more value to its full membership by including free membership to children and grandchildren.

“This has been well received by members already and we are looking forward to seeing many more children next year playing with their parents and grandparents on our course,” McKenzie said.

The club also introduced a “Pathway” membership. Newbies to golf can get a taste of being a member, McKenzie said. They can get onto the course, meet new friends, and then become full members the following year.

Additionally, there are three new classifications for those between the ages of 18 and 32, which should help transition players from youth golf.

In addition to attracting new members, Scotscraig has plans for retention, which McKenzie said is vital. There’s a better tournament calendar and social calendar with events for members to get involved. A dedicated membership coordinator also helps to integrate new members into the club.

The changes have been part of a long-term strategy to attract the next generation of golfers to Scotscraig.

“It is proactive and forward-thinking, and provides a clear future for one of Scotland’s oldest clubs,” said Scotscraig Golf Club captain John Rankin. “The over-whelming support and backing from our members has been particularly encouraging and serves to illustrate the significance of the decision.”

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