New management company hopes to acquire dozens of clubs

Alex Hammill hopes to be the next big buyer of private clubs. The former ClubCorp and Arcis Golf executive has put together a management company, Innovative Club Management, with some deep pockets and high hopes to acquire clubs.

Hammill founded the company in 2017 and has managed The Greens Country Club in Oklahoma City since then. The club has added 400 new members since January. 

“The results have been pretty outstanding,” he said. “Our blueprint touched areas that resonated with members and local community and focused on extreme hospitality, which has resulted in an 26.1 percent increase in revenue over the last 12 months.”

That experience helped him prove to Australian investors that the company is ready to grow through acquisitions. Hammill would prefer to acquire portfolios with 12 or more clubs, as opposed to buying one club at a time. But he realizes there are few options in that range. 

“If there is a significant club in a solid market, we don’t mind buying one by one,” he said. “But we would prefer to buy in clusters.”

He describes Innovative Club Management as a well-capitalized management company that is actively and aggressively seeking to acquire distressed clubs or portfolios that require a non-traditional approach.

Hammill said the company will also compete for management contracts. 

“We believe innovative hospitality is the cornerstone of an industry desperate for new, fresh and forwarding thinking operators who have experience in multiple hospitality fields and disciplines,” he said. 

Hammill was previously a regional manager at ClubCorp and then vice president of food and beverage at Arcis. Prior to ClubCorp he ran a restaurant and worked for a large boutique hotel operator. 

“I was frustrated with the ‘traditional’ approach and playbook that is recycled through both companies and continues to be the ‘play book’ for the main players in the industry,” he said. “Innovative Club Management was formed to break from the traditional model by providing unique experiences and amenities for members both old and new, with services geared specifically to the changing times and current market demands.”





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