Distance report to be released in February

R&A and USGA say they are taking more time to complete their due diligence.

The R&A and the USGA are finalizing the Distance Insights Project Report, and have revised the release date to Feb. 4, 2020. 

“Reinforcing our commitment to ensure that the report is the most comprehensive review of distance to date, we are taking more time to complete our due diligence,” the two organizations said in an Oct. 29, 2019 announcement. 

Data from across the game is informing the report and includes six primary work streams: 

- Historical research: encompassing more than 100 years of data on course length, par, architectural design, golf participation, equipment evolution, and trend data from the game worldwide

- Playing research: including data related to distance, accuracy, scoring, skill, training, and the golfer experience, such as pace of play and the cost to play the game

- Equipment: studying changes to golf equipment and Equipment Standards over time to include loft and length, clubhead speed, launch conditions, annual driving distance data, and Rules changes; also including analysis of players and the evolution of biomechanics and fitting

- Golf courses and sustainability: including golf course financial analysis, course closures, changes in physical, environmental and economic footprint, and the evolution of agronomic and maintenance practices

- Stakeholder engagement: including global survey data on current perspectives of distance in golf, as well as in-person and online interviews across multiple stakeholder groups in the game

- Playing rules: assessing historical changes in the game, and the role of the playing Rules through time, including Terms of Competition and Local Rules 

“We appreciate the contributions and support we have received and believe that the data and discussion will benefit the entire golf community,” the R&A and USGA statement said.

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