Arnold Palmer remembered

Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016, september 30, 2016 “To place a president of the United States in proper historical perspective might take several generations, but to evaluate the impact of Arnold Palmer on golf we need not wait. He has meant more to the game than anyone, ever, in every conceivable way.”       - Nick Seitz, editor at large, Golf Digest“Arnold transcended the game of golf. He was more than a golfer or even a great golfer. He was an icon. He was a legend. Arnold was someone who was a pioneer in his sport. He took the game from one level to a higher level, virtually by himself.”     - Jack Nicklaus  “No one has had a greater impact on those who play our great sport or who are touched by it. It has been said many times over in so many ways, but beyond his immense talent, Arnold transcended our sport with an extraordinarily appealing personality and genuineness that connected with millions, truly making him a champion of the people.”       - Tim Finchem, commissioner, PGA Tour"PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem said without Palmer there would be no modern-day PGA Tour, no senior tour, and certainly no Golf Channel, the television network devoted solely to golf that he helped create.       - Forbes“He was the prototype for all of today’s high-earning sports men and women, and one of the few people you can truly say changed the world of sports business.”       - Nigel Currie, sponsorship consultant, NC Partnership“He established the sports marketing industry as we knew it. It became a much more sophisticated exercise. It became a real business with real money.”       - Alastair Johnston, chairman, Arnold Palmer Enterprises"Palmer once told [Mark] McCormack: “I made clear ... from the beginning that I didn’t feel comfortable pitching a product or service I wouldn’t use or didn’t think was very good. That just seemed dishonest to me,and I was pretty sure the public would see right through it.”       - Daily Mail“He was the starting point for the creation of the modern sports world. Arnold Palmer is going to be making money long after we are all dead.”       - Matthew Futterman, reporter, Wall Street Journal“Last year we sold half a billion containers with Arnie’s face on it.”       - Don Vultaggio, founder, AriZona Beverages “He meant so much to so many people from all walks of life, and is the embodiment of what can happen if you work hard and always treat people well.”       - Mike McCarley, president, Golf Channel“He was a drinker but never seemed drunk. He was a winner but never seemed cocky. He was richer than many nations but came off like a guy who had a Christmas Club savings account. He had charisma pouring out of his ears, manners enough for entire towns, and swimming pools of testosterone. He flew his own planes, jiggered his own clubs, and drank his vodka straight. He loved people like he loved his next breath and golf even more than that. Golf just got lucky.”     - Rick Reilly, Golf magazine

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