Why you should be tweeting

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Is your course or company tweeting on Twitter? Does it have a wall on Facebook? Is someone on your staff blogging about what’s going on at your property? Are you texting to your members?
If your answer to any of these questions is “No,” you may be missing a great opportunity to reach customers who might otherwise never think about you. Social media is all the rage nowadays, especially with younger golfers and consumers, and course operators can’t afford to ignore it.
Bret Greenwood, general manager at Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills, Ariz., created a text-messaging program for last-minute golf that has been well-received: On one Sunday afternoon alone it produced over $2,000 in additional revenue. He’s also created a FaceBook fan page for the club that allows two-way communication with golfers and others interested in getting information about the club and its offerings.
Don’t misunderstand: Twitter and Facebook aren’t panaceas. They won’t immediately drive a flood of golfers to your course. But they should certainly be embraced as useful weapons in your marketing arsenal. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to tapping the social media phenomenon, just ask some of your under-30 employees. They’ll know.
What are some effective uses of social media that you’ve used or seen others use to improve their bottom line? Please share your experiences and observations with other readers.


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