What is Great Service?

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We all hear the stories and the numbers.  It seems every consumer products CEO believes his organization provides great service.  When his customers are asked, the answers never seem to align with those of the CEO.  How can the same questions come back with such divergent answers?  I believe to get service right we should begin by defining what service is to feel like at your facility.  In most of the conversations I have ever had about service, the general phrase great service is tossed around without drilling down for a picture of the process or end product.

I will toss 5 thoughts out to you on the subject of service.  In golf operations, service will have a wide net because of the many different customers coming through the clubhouse doors.  How do you want your customers to feel about your story.

Providing real solid service at the golf course is not easy.  Let us start there.  Because there are a variety of customer types, as well as a variety of business arms under the club umbrella, it is important to widen the conversation on service.  Let's go:

  • First, you as the owner/manager need to define exactly what service should look and feel like at your club.  When I am walking back to my car, how should I be feeling about my day with you?
  • Second, put the specific service story in writing.  Everyone on the team must know exactly what they are to deliver every day, from the bag drop team to the wait staff, each must know what their path to excellence must be with each person they touch
  • Third, do not develop a PR campaign to your staff.  Keep it simple, direct, and focused.  Instruct on a regular basis, the service delivery system you expect to drive each day.  As important, all must be reminded often how service should feel
  • Fourth, because we serve the young and the not so young, men, women, members, guests as well as new golfers, the team should be schooled on the best ways to speak to and work with each group.  We all know that "one size does not fit all" does not live here
  • Fifth, what gets measured gets done! Recognize your team for service delivery.  Reward your team for service delivery.  Our industry needs more carrots and less sticks at the point of contact.

Can service be a differentiator for your club, for our industry?  Yes, it can and it will once we decide to commit to it, and know it is a marathon and not a race.

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