Trickle-up innovations can offer big payoff

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Some of the best ideas for boosting revenue come from the keen entrepreneurial instincts of individual operators. For example, it was intriguing to hear the innovative approach Director of Golf Bob Caldwell and his staff at The New Links at Bodega Harbour are taking in an effort to increase income from instruction.
Caldwell rents small video cameras to golfers who sign up for lessons and encourages them to record their swings while playing a round. The golfer then uploads the video to a club-run Web site and gets immediate feedback and instruction from one of the staff professionals. The hope is that it not only will improve communication between golfer and teacher, it also will increase the market for instruction.  
Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s sure worth the investment in time and money to see if it can pay off.
More operators should be encouraged to try out these kinds of cutting-edge ideas. Some will undoubtedly fail, but we’ll bet a significant number will succeed.

What are some of the unique programs that you have implemented at your club or company that have worked to increase revenue? Do you have an idea that you think might work for other Golf Inc. readers? Now’s your chance to be heard.  


Thought you'd never ask. How to increase revenue by increasing participation? In today's world to attract new golfer's to the game you have to offer a quicker, cheaper & less frustrating introductory form of golf. I know this goes against the traditional values of the game, but this is what the public wants or has time for. The simple & economical, but effective approach we use is the new Hybrid Golf Ball. Played on executive/par-3 and mid-length courses, the ball is now being used from the up-tee areas on many standard golf courses as a successful way of attracting new golfers and increasing course revenue. We don't pretend that this ball is for everyone, certainly not the "traditionalist golfer", ...but a growing number of new people to the game along with many established golfers, seem to enjoy the quicker pace, affordability & fun!

Create a modified golf game from forward tees, that is quick to play, cheap and enjoyable... very interesting! Impossible for the older style traditional golf game.

The courses in our area with more play these days offer many different sets of tees - 5,500 to 7,200 yards, allowing them to host big amateur events as well as handling the beginning public player, don't just cater to the long and best players, make sure you make the course playable from the up tees to gain more play, quicker rounds, and repeat visits due to enjoyment when there.

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