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As you work hard each and every day to fill your tee sheet as well as build sales throughout your property, you are probably competing with those local newspaper ads offering golfers the special deal of the day.  The competitor(s) may offer a down & dirty rate or they may throw in a free meal to drive the deal home.  In the industry of golf where we are at the mercy of weather, high costs for upkeep, and a world where busy is the to-do list of everyday, how do we grow the business?  Have you and your team looked at the guests who play each day?  Do you know who they are, what brought them to the game, and to your golf course?  Do you know their story?

  Everyone has one.  Each of us comes equipped with a story.  The older we are, the more chapters.  This post will suggest you not only learn about their stories, but build your social media content using the stories that will create a new way to look at your club......and reasons to play your golf course.  Social media can be powerful.  It has built revolutions, it has saved lives.  How can you use it to create pictures in the minds of golfers that will drive your business?  I believe stories are your secret sauce.  Once you begin an on-going process of talking to your guests, you may just locate a volume of content more powerful than any coupon or free meal deal.  Here are 5 thoughts about stories:

  1. most golf is local, so pump up the story of the neighborhood.  Tell the story of the course as it relates to the neighborhood and the people & businesses in it
  2. create a plan with the golf shop and F & B teams to begin to speak to the guests with the plan to find good stories and then to ask permission to post some of them.  Make this a strong internal program.
  3. work with the local high schools and businesses to bring in new golfers, therefore adding new stories
  4. with permission, showcase several golfers that provide great content: the grand-mom and grand-daughter playing together for the first time.  The vets who play every week, but their stories have to date been silent.  Dig them out and build a very colorful program around your golfers that will tell all what a great place your course is to create their story.  Remember to add some photos to the stories.
  5. build a purposeful program in social media that will bring interest, fun, desire, and the idea that playing your course is the thing to do.  Spending time with family & friends at your property just might be a game-changer for all.

I am not naive, and know that the price of golf is always a factor.  But locating the lowest price is a not a game for winners.  Digging deep to mine the stories of your golfers can be fun, a great learning experience, and one that might just be more valuable than a $3.00 off coupon.  Why not try to find what is already around you every day.  We each have a story.  Some may just change your business & your life!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is an advanced speaker with Toastmasters International.  He is an expert on service, the golf shop, and building a great story for women and the golf course.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.  Thank you.

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