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This is another in a series of highfive spring posts, providing thoughts to improve operations.  We all look forward to this coming week.  The Masters "ternament" will be upon us.  It is a week like no other.  If you care about golf (and we all do), you cannot help but fall in love with the game all over again.  Because people watch The Masters from every corner of the nation and globe, many people love the flowers, the colors, the striking boldness of the place called: Augusta National.  People watch this event for the golf for sure, but do not kid yourself: they watch it for a thousand other, very personal reasons.  With the arrival of The Masters, we all know spring and the golf season is officially here.  This post is about the soft details.  It is about the thousands of things about your club that gets us to notice it, to play it, to discuss it, and to come back to it.  Here are 5 thoughts about how to improve business by spending time, energy, and passion on a few things beyond the budget, the rate, the green speeds.  After you read the following, what about making your own list?  Here is my list:

  1. landscaping with close-cut grass all over will impress people.  New flowers at the entrance, the tee boxes, and around the exit areas will put smiles on faces, and help reinforce your club as a great spot to spend real time
  2. clean is an amazing differential for your club.  Begin with the parking lot, the the golf shop, the rest rooms, all around the maintenance shed, and the restaurant.  Create an impression that your club sweats the details of fresh and clean from gate to gate.  Remember that if the grounds are a mess, what are your golfers thinking about the restaurant?
  3. fresh paint will again create an impression that you care more than other clubs.  Providing a fresh look, especially at the beginning of the season will impact the attitudes of member and guest.  This is not a small thing.  This will also impact the attitudes of your team
  4. focus a discipine on the dress of your staff.  Promote a clean, crisp look.  From a straight name tag to very buffed shoes, teach the staff that everything matters, and that looking the part of a professional will make golfers feel good about your club
  5. attitude of the team can be the final great ingredient in your sauce.  From understanding the game, knowing your facility, to knowing the members names, and performing with a smile, this is the homework you can employ with your staff, to drive better revenue.  Allow golfers to feel great about their decision to come to your club.  Set standards, measure those standards, manage to them, reward for excellence against them.  Hiring the great attitude is the real hurdle in building a winning facility.  Oh, and make sure your team members feel good about their decision to work for you.

  So, that is my short list of five.  Be sure to enjoy this coming week and have the event on throughout the club.  There can be nothing better for golf, than having everyone fall in love again with the game, with help from you and The Masters.  Golf is the feel good game.  Be sure to set the fun meter high, so that your club becomes the place where we all feel better about ourselves, just by spending time with you and your team.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf shop expert.  He is an advanced speaker and member of Toastmasters International.  Jack can help you with driving new rounds, especially with women.  He can also provide great basics to improve the daily execution of the business.  You can reach Jack at or by calling Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando, Florida.

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