Return on Courage

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At the Golf Inc. Summit this past September, Ryan Berman wowed attendees with his take on branding and courage. It was the highest-rated keynote to date for the Golf Inc. Summit. Now, his book on the same topic is out. 

"Return On Courage" shows how 52 percent of the Fortune 500 since 2000 are now extinct. More than 9000 brands will revolve on and off the Fortune 500 over the next six decades. One prominent forecaster predicts 40 percent of all companies will be dead in 7 years. Yet, there's a lack of urgency across most organizations to address these realities. Author Ryan Berman posits that in business, the companies that unlock and operationalize courage will win. The rest will get passed — or worse, die. Berman shares how any business, being or brand can push through internal paralysis, sidestep stasis and earn a serious 'Return on Courage’. To oder:

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