Reduce Your Heavy Lifting

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We all know the business of golf feels tougher than it has in decades.  It seems so many are running from golf, while your costs never stop rising.  It must feel as if you are all alone in the battle for more golfers, rounds, and rate.  Who can you turn to for answers, ideas, and promotions?  Who can partner with you as you put the key in the door each morning?

There is little doubt the lifting is heavy, heavier than in decades past.  To me, this all points to finding a mentor or partner who can play a role in helping you and the team build a better story this season.  In these times, I believe it is far too tough to tread the golf recession waters solo.  In these times, I believe that the Play Golf America web site and their associated programs can be a big assist.

Here are 5 thoughts that can help you build traffic, new players, and revenue this season.  Go to the web site to locate the program information.  Important to note that you can take these ideas and modify or expand them based on your situation, team, and location.  There are no round pegs here, only ideas for you to make work for your situation.

The 5 thoughts to improve your season are:

  • Get Golf Ready: a player development program that can bring in new interest, new players, and new revenue.  There is strong interest in learning the game
  • Women's Golf Month: I continue to be baffled at the thought that women drive 82% of consumer spending in America, possess 52% of the management jobs in the US, and are 50% of the business flyers, but our game cannot create a red carpet solution to this not so tough issue.  Note to industry: women are athletes
  • Take your daughter to the course: This promotion is scheduled for July.  Begin now to plan, to market, to execute and succeed
  • Family Golf Month: Create an after dinner program: 4 to 6 holes for the family.  While the crew is waiting for the carts, build a great story.  The peanut butter and golf program
  • Investigate your region: Find a club that is doing what you want to achieve and ask to speak with the General Manager or Head Pro.  My guess is they will be flattered and help you in every way. 

There is always heavy lifting to be done.  These ideas however, might just help you build fresh ideas and new stories that will create success for you in 2012.

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