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  Another holiday season has come and gone.  Santa is back at the pole working his next deal with Apple and friends.  Many of you are in golf hibernation, enjoying those weeks without the 7 day grind.  If you are a member of the sun belt golf community however, you know that golfers are on the way to your first tee.  This post is hitting three key parts of your golf operations: people, product, and presentation.  Enclosed are a few reminders and hints which may help make 2013 a very good season.

Hiring the right "people" for your operation is a full time job.  Building a quality team means spending the time to seek and find the kind of people who have joy, energy, and can work through the tough days and weeks of a service season.  A few hiring hints: always be on the watch for that special someone, hiring is a process and not a one act play, never allow people to serve until they specifically understand their role and how they fit, supply each new team member a mentor for guidance.

"Product" is the next P.  Be sure to stock the goods your players expect in each category.  Add the new hot items for 2103.  Be certain to add color to the shop.  A golf shop is about fashion and excitement.  Boring does not play here.  Add some luxury type items, creating the opportunity for great gift ideas, with about 5% of the inventory.  Having a well stocked shop at the beginning of your season, will add energy and sales to each day of golf.  One hint is to stock less brands, but to go deeper on your 25 best selling items.  Stockouts are a real sin in any retail environment, but especially in a short season where impulse and emotion can be your secret sauce.  Replenish!

Lastly "presentation" is the third P.  Creating a buyers presentation means tying many similar items together for men, thus bringing ideas and sales to life.  It also means building the complete fashion story for her.  Lots of color without depth.  Your displays should turn heads and open wallets.  Refresh the story weekly.  Be different, be bold, take a few risks.  It is early in the season.  Show people a golf shop to rival great retail.  Rent an expert to show, do, and teach.  Never add the discount knife to your presentation.  Make it say golf, have it shout FUN, and personalize it for both him and her.  It must create a sale!

People, product, and presentation done well, will drive new sales this season.  Oh, while we are in the P's, make certain that "passion" for excellence, and pride in effort, comes with every team member this season.  Enjoy the season: it will be a great one!

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