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Well another Masters has come and gone.  Those are very sad words, why, because we wait for this golf tournament, this amazing event that never disappoints for months and months.  The PGA, the last major of the year is in August, so we wait 8 long months for the golf tournament golfers love more than all the others.  There are so many reasons to love this event as no other.  Today, I will share 5 thoughts on this event and why these thoughts just might benefit your business.  The Masters is run by the membership, members make the decisions.  No great organization or consulting company runs the event, therefore there are few layers of management to overcome to achieve results.  That makes it the most unique golf tournament in the world.  Here are my five thoughts about the mastery behind the Masters:

  1. Amazing discipline.  There are rules set up for the players, patrons, and the volunteers.  Because there are no exceptions, everyone goes along with the program.  The members rule this event in order to provide a great experience, not to prevent one.  Discipline is an asset here.  It is not a dirty word
  2. They offer extraordinary value.  There is no charge for parking.  Their food and beverage costs are very low.  We never hear stories about The Masters and economics.  The story is about quality, excellence, and the best experience of the year
  3. When they take away (cell phone use), they offer an option (free ATT calls).  Again, this event is not about controlling an experience, it is about offering the best experience for all.  No exceptions
  4. Exceeding our expectations: from the grounds, to the conditions, the play, and the controls in place, patrons and players alike all come away from The Masters with their cups overflowing with joy, because it was an amazing week.  In life today, there are very few things that meet our expectations, let-alone exceed them.  The Masters is our grand exception!
  5. Beyond consistent.  How long have you been watching and following this event.  Can you remember a bad Masters?  Can you remember a year when the course or the experience was not up to par?  Can you remember prices that were too high with poor value return?   The Masters is an experience us golfers cherish because it never fails to meet and exceed already high expectations.  The members never boost or beat their chests.  They do their job and we are rewarded with the amazing results.

  I am not sure what you can take away from this post for your club, but maybe there is an idea or two.  It is OK to have rules.  Make sure they are communicated and followed by all.  Make sure you offer value, solid value that people can truly feel.  Serve all in the same way, no matter the time of day or week.  Build a consistent experience.  If your provide an inconsistent level of service in any place of the property, your service is rated poor.  Know that golfers provide one report card with one overall score.

  Why not learn from the best.  The Masters is not only the game's best golf tournament, it is the one event we all cannot wait to see again and again and again......


Jack Dillon writes the highfives.  He is a speaker and a Toastmaster.  Jack is an expert on the golf shop, on player development, and on helping to bring more women to the game.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136 or at  Thank you.

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