It's The Really Big Shew.....and Idea!

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  As former television host, Ed Sullivan once said "it's a really big shew."  The PGA Show is about to commence.  After a great year of warm weather and golf rounds in 2012, the industry is excited for this season to begin.  The Show, with all of its great history and optimistic drive, is in set-up mode. 

  The PGA Show is the event where we see new products, new brands, and old friends.  It is the week we each have the highest of hopes for the game, the industry, and our business.  With the holidays just ending our members are just beginning to think golf.  Because things are still so new in 2013, all have great optimism, just as every major league team at the opening of spring training.  We all have high expectations.  Our members dream of lower scores, and longer drives.  They are thinking about more rounds, better gear, and lower numbers on their card.  Let's take the enthusiasm and fun of this week and nuture it for our business.

  Here are 5 thoughts to take back to the club in order to build a better business right from the start of the season.  Let's take the joy, the FUN, and experiences you are about to have, bottle it all, and bring it back to your club.  These are ideas you can use in order to build sales, a more loyal member base, and FUN throughout the club this year.  When you build the experience, you create grand expectations.  You can create real success on the backs of these expectations.  Here is how:

  • Go back to the club and meet with your team to create a "what's new night from the PGA Show!"  Invite all members and spouses for a fun night of finger food, wine, and getting in the mood to play.  Invite several reps who carry the clubs, apparel, and footwear your shop represents.  You are creating a local PGA Show for the people you serve
  • Have the ability to gather all names of those in attendance.  This is for follow-up and to create a purchase (or want) list
  • Have real incentives to come.  It is probably really cold at your club in February, so give away some gift cards, equipment, lessons, and a few months worth of dues.  Appoint a team member to follow up with every member, making sure all had a good time
  • Send a thank you note with an invitation to your next event: the spring demo day with these same brands.  Add coupons in the note for a free family lesson, discounts for the demo day, and a free sleeve of balls on opening day.  Have all reps contribute donations for the gift awards to your members
  • Schedule the demo day once spring arrives, and be sure to go all out.  Remember the FUN, and excitement in Orlando, and work on a similar plan for the people you were hired to serve.  The demo day will not only create immediate new business, it could build your best year yet through add-on sales, new loyalty, as well as more lessons and guest play.

The PGA Shew is about to begin.......even old Ed would have been excited.  Have a FUN, safe week in Orlando.



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