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I am sure you have heard it before: a manager tells the team "this last quarter was tough, sales were down everywhere........we need a better effort."  The business, any business in fact is about selling.  The people in the business need to sell each and every day, if that business first is to survive, then eventually thrive.  The idea is not to give pep talks, and not to insist on a "better effort".  It is about building a philosophy and then a system around sales and selling.  Today, we are talking about building a healthy business by getting every person on the payroll to understand their role, no matter their job.  Everyone must be involved in the sales process.  Everyone must sell!

  This post will provide 5 thoughts about creating a sales culture with each person on the team.  Because a golf property has so many things to sell, from memberships, a tee time, golf balls, hamburgers, outings, parties, weddings, etc, it stands to reason that every person on the team must be in the know about sales.  Succeeding in sales is not through a passive effort.  Here are today's highfives concerning sales at the property:

  1. Succeeding in sales should be part of the conversation with every person from the first interview forward. 
  2. Develop a system around the sales process.  No matter the area or department, every staff member should be given the tools, the training, and the plan to succeed in sales
  3. Have monthly team meetings about sales, with role playing, best practices, and awards for those people creating success through sales.  Measure the sales system every month, and discuss the results with all
  4. Work the sales program in every department.  From the sales desk, the golf shop, restaurant, to the Super's office, every person should have sales and selling on their minds every working day.  It is about execution.
  5. Because the business should be all about sales, create great reward programs for every product and service on the property.  Include everyone in the program and in the awards events.  Teamwork can make the dream work.

Make your club all about sales.  If there is a written strategy with recognition and rewards, sales will increase because people want to be part of a good thing and feel part of your success.  Sales is not an is the oxygen that allows the club and staff to breath.


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives.  Jack is a Toastmaster and advanced speaker.  Jack is a pro shop expert, successful in player development, and building sales to the woman consumer.  Jack lives in Orlando, and can be reached at 407-973-6136 or at  Thank you.

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