If I were King: 5 actions to take as new GM

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This is the second of three posts centered on the transition of a semi-private golf club. This club has members, is open for public play, and has many events both golf and social.  We now find the General Manager (me) moving forward, after the initial overall review and staff adjustments.  New staff members are in place, and we will look at the next piece in this transition, hoping to find the success this club had many years before.

The golf course is the ultimate service play. Every staff member has been hired to provide a level of expertise, execution, and comfort for the benefit of golfer and guest.  That can all create a level of service that should bring golfers and guests back as loyal customers. This post takes us from the initial change of leadership at the club, to the next area: review, building relationships and the beginnings of change. As the new general manager, I am working to get the right people into positions where the club can move forward, where the execution level in all departments will feel and be better.  As we move into this next phase, the next 5 ideas include:

1) Meet: set up a schedule of meetings for all departments for each month.  This will include one all-hands meeting every 60 days for 6 months, and then once per quarter. Each meeting should create a change (or tweak), an action plan for each area of revenue

2) Review: the calendar of events for the next 6 months. Meet with the sales people and the restaurant team, talking through their thoughts about how to first improve our presentation, followed by having each person present their thoughts & ideas

3) Fresh Eyes: ask every staff member to look at the property from the parking lot to the landscaping with fresh eyes, looking for ideas and things that just do not work well

4) Change: the way managers and full-time staff are spending their time.  During critical times for traffic and customer attention, be sure that no sales and service managers are at their desk.  It is time for all of us to be out with our members and guests.  There can be no service in absentia.  In order to turn this club around, we must be all in

5) Examine: the compensation program for all staff, the rate of pay, the timing of increases, as well as bonus & commission programs. Once reviewed, discussed current situation with each staff member, to get their opinion on this vital area

6) *BONUS: “What do you think?” I must remember to use this question every day with every member of my staff.  If I expect people to take ownership, I must empower all to believe it.

From working on their smile, to picking up every piece of trash on the grounds because it is important, I am working to have staff members change their internal beliefs about this club, so we can all work together to make it an important part of our community.  As the local golf club, we can create something special.  The moment each member of our team believes this, it will begin to happen.  

Jack Dillon writes the highfives post.  Jack has been in the golf industry for more than 45 years.  He is a speaker, as well as an expert in operations, merchandise, and service.  Give Jack a call to present at your next meeting, or when you want to improve the team and the overall presentation at your club.  Jack can be reached at: 407-973-6136.  He lives in Florida.




Way to go Jack! Matt

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