How to be more like the circus

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Well it appears the Circus has left town for the last time. As kids, we loved the Circus. You may have seen it live or many times on television, as I did.  The Circus was an amazing spectacle for kids and adults alike.  We loved the grandness, the acts, and of course the animals.  We also loved the speed of the show.  It was a fast, always moving event, that kept our eyes wide open, and our hearts thumping hard.  The Circus had energy, passion, and a full range of color, brought to us by people wanting to entertain and educate us.  So many times, when I think about our industry, right down to the property, I wish we were more like the Circus, where energy was high, and where there was always something happening, something to look forward to.  As we think about growing our business, this post will provide a view thoughts on how to be more like the Circus.  Here are my 5 thoughts:

  1. build a range of events that take place throughout each month of the season.  Create programs for adults, juniors, and new golfers
  2. for much of the week set up group clinics, free short game and putting events, and introduction to golf  events, aimed at adding new golfers and dollars to your business
  3. with so many parents working hard, develop a program for kids and their grandparents.  Every grandparent will love it, and what kid won't want to take the first swing in order to impress those old folks?
  4. have ongoing events for your frequent golfers, the folks that ring the register several times each week.  Never take them for granted and always offer something fun in their day
  5. work with your entire team to develop an atmosphere of fun, of newness, where they show the passion like the Big Top, every day all around the property.

  Yes, the Circus has left town, never to return.  That is a great tradition, many of us will miss.  Work to develop programs built on education, entertainment, and fun.  When you create a calendar built for your golfers young and old, you will create a new tradition, one where your property becomes the center of attention.  Work this off-season to make your club, that place where kids and adults want to be around, all season long.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is a professional speaker, a Toastmaster, aand a long time blogger.  Jack is a live long industry veteran, an expert in the golf shop, service, and growing sales.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Florida.

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