Is Government Regulation Golf's Greatest Challenge?

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Hud Hinton, CEO of Troon Golf, told an audience at the Golf Inc Conference last month that government regulation and socialized programs are the biggest long-term challenges facing golf courses. He said the economy will get better. But he warned that courses could pay a lot more for health care and in taxes in the future.

Troon, as perhaps the largest employers in the golf industry, is naturally concerned with additional health care costs.

Should all golf course operators share this concern? And how much of an impact will government have on course finances in the future? Will things get worse? And besides health care, what are areas where the government  will impact golf?

Unfortunately, we have a lot more questions than answers. We don't want this blog to become a battleground over this current administration. But there are some serious issues here, and your responses will help us determine how to address them in the magazine. So please share. 

-Jack Crittenden


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