Golf's Bucket List.....600 Years Later

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For those of you 50 and older, you probably know what a Bucket List is, and may have already put a list together. For the younger readers, a Bucket List is a list of things to do before you....well, you know. Now, there are no predictions here, in fact we know golf will live on and on, but I felt it was time to compile a "would be" list. Although the game will never die, it has had a bad cold for years. Because it continues to limp along, you might think we as a game are out of ideas. Not true, as we know there are dozens of operators who execute great programs every day. These operators are not tied down to the cut and slash method many others have been using for the past decade. Strong operators realize that value means a good show, warm smiles, and an experience worth the investment.

In this Bucket List, I am putting just a few of the many thoughts down that could be a part of your best practice program. If they are not now, why not try one, two or all as you plan your new season. With limited marketing budgets and smaller teams, tests can be a great weapon for growth and profit in 2012. Here is the Bucket List:

1) Develop a program and a calendar of events for good players in your area. Good players play, a lot and they talk a lot, to other good players.

2) Get rid of lessons and develop an instruction program customized to your facility and to the needs of your golfers. Instruction should be a long-term grand value; it should be regular with goals and extra support as necessary. The six lesson series should go the way of the 8-track player.

3) Make playing golf, product 1 at your club. Although there are many revenue streams of value, playing golf is why they come. Market golf as the thing to do. It works!

4) Try things. We have learned that we cannot continue to cut our way to success. Bowling is having a great renascence....why not golf? Many operations have cut to the bone with people, programs and ideas. A wish is for 8 months of trying new things in 2012.

5) Family Golf. Time to commit to something older than the game...the family. Build a series of events and programs for Mom, the kids, and the Grandparents. Exposing the family to golf can create opportunities beyond great for the entire club.

Well there it is, my Bucket List for golf. OK, maybe it really is a wish list. Whatever you want to label it, I wish you all great trial and execution in the new year.

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