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As the season heats up, we know this year has been very healthy fo so many clubs across the country.  The weather has made new friends in much of the land and course managers are grateful.  As we take a look at the business of golf through 5 months, we smile because rounds are far ahead of past years.  Golfers have been golfing and registers have been ringing.

With this year in such a healthy place, it would be easy to rest as well as cut hours in the second half.  We do realize however, that although regulars are playing, we need to work on that area called growth.  With the season in full bloom everywhere and people yearning to get outdoors, your time is now.  Growing the game is about having a plan, about proper timing and about having the right team in place.  One area to not leave behind is equipment.  Work with local reps who have fit carts in the field.  Gather their old irons at no cost to you.   Having equipment ready for your students shows them you are prepared and committed.

Many people are interested in learning the game.  Your role is to turn that spark into a passion.  Work the schedule with your team where each has a chance to play a role.  Make sure fun is a real part of every session.  Manage each session.  Tweak the program based on the roster of clients.  Remember, it is for them you are doing this, so be ready to alter things in order to make it work for all. 

Here are 5 other thoughts about a new player program:

  • Speak to as many outside groups as you can.  Create interest and never be afraid of having too many signups.  You will have attrition
  • Create a series of takeaways.  Build written homework to help guide these new players between sessions
  • Make etiquette an important part of the program.  My experience has taught that newcomers want to be immersed in proper etiquette
  • Build a plan for each new golfer that is for the long term.  Assume they will play for life and they just might
  • Personally meet with each new golfer as often as you can during the program.  A personal relationship will help keep frustration down.

So far we have a healthy golf season in play but growing the game should always be on the top of our to-do list!

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