The Cost of Not Doing Business

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People who read this e-magazine are people in the know.  They all know the state of the game.  They are frustrated beyond belief with this struggle we call the golf business.  We also continue to hear some positive news; that there are over 20 million people in the USA who have an interest in golf....really, where are they??  I am on that positive side of the ball.  I do believe there are millions (20??) of people---men and women who want to enjoy the game.  What next?  What can you do to pull them off of their couches?

Let's begin by getting the accountants out of operations.  If we look at a plan to grow the game where an organization puts several resources up front in the hopes of growing the game, no bean counter will ever sign off on the plan.  Look, success comes from risk.  Why is it that when a sales organization gets into trouble they fire 40% of the sales team?  Why does it appear that people are doing the opposite of what is absolutely necessary to grow the game.

As I said, I have seen and been part of real solid growth.  I know there is a latent demand.  To find these "people of interest", organizations could; 1) build a plan (2 yrs), 2) pull all necessary resources together, 3) work with their entire team on execution, 4) measure the results often and change things until all feel the plan is in synch..oh #5) buy duck tape and lock all accountants away from operations for those two years.

The game can grow. It is up to you, not only to grow it, but to fight the good fight inside those weekly meetings.  Fight the good fight. 20 million people are waiting........


Could not agree more unfortunately most of us operate with someone else's money who are not ready to take the risk and/or cannot take the risk.

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