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Although this may sound like the rant from a back seat 5 year old, it's actually a question about the game and its growth.  It seems as if the industry has been working on growth plans for a long time.  We have seen new program after new program but where are we?  Have we arrived at that place with a full tee sheet?  It seems we still have too many places to swing and not enough swingers.

How do you feel about where the game sits today?  As an operator, what should we (you) be doing to build long-term growth?  Maybe instead of the plans coming from the big planners of the game, they should come from you.  If the execution is to be on your range and 1st tee, maybe the planning should begin and end with you and your team.  As a professional with a career long investment in the industry, you not only know how to do this, you have some serious skin in the game!

We have been hearing for the past few years now that the game needs to lose over 1,000 golf courses in order to become profitable again for most operators.  What if they are speaking about your course?  When courses closes, good people stop doing what they love.  We have also heard there are millions of adults who want to try the game.  Whether you have 9, 18 or more, you probably also have thousands of residents near your front door.  Think about an investment: an investment in your future!

Whether you are moving out of season or preparing for a new one, you can plan now to add players to your property.  Here are five thoughts to help you in your quest:

  • Make certain the people on your team have a passion for new golfers
  • Have a plan, build a strategy, and teach the teachers
  • Promote your program.  Use social media, your team, your neighborhood, the area businesses and word of mouth
  • Provide FREE instruction at the start, that's right FREE!  Take the long view to your future.  Beginners are testing you as well as the game.  Support them today and they just might be your support for the long term
  • Communication is critical.  Never stop communicating, coaching, and recognizing all of the efforts, from both sides.

Getting there takes both fuel (energy) and a map.  Above all it takes passion!


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